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Employment opportunities arise from hemp manufacturing

North Coast Solutions LLC., has already energized the Glenville Community with the anticipation of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Lines of anxious men and women lined the streets leading to the Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church where the Rev. Dr. E.T Caviness opened the doors of the Church to receive souls in search of employment.

September 14, 2018 there was a ‘transfer of deed’ ceremony welcoming and acknowledging North Coast’s purchase of the property located in the Glenville neighborhood at 12735 Kirby Avenue. Now, just a few weeks later, North Coast is accepting applications for employment with entry level positions starting at $17.00 per hour. North Coast is also offering paid training for 90 days prior to actual starting periods.

We salute, honor and express our appreciation to Dr. E.T. Caviness, Pastor Aaron Phillips, Executive Director of Cleveland Clergy Coalition, Mr. Ty Williams, one of the sons of Cleveland one of the managing partners of North Coast Solutions LLC, as well as Mr. Armond Budish our County Excutive, Councilmen Mike Polensek, Kevin Conwell and all of the committee members and community partners ., for their willingness, energy and interest in our community, our town. Their efforts has given spark to many, who seek to provide for their families. At a time when some have suggested that folk don’t want to work, the eager spirits of men and women lining the streets to complete their applications, is proof of the contrary.

For more information, call 216.400.7264

Sure House Baptist Church

Pastor, Aaron Phillips

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