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By Min. Dale Edwards

Executive Director Call and Post

Once again, we are privileged with the opportunity to formally express our individual choices as citizens, for or against through the electoral process called voting. Once again, we encourage all registered voters to cast your votes based on your own assessment of the facts set before us. As with all other elections and or issues, we are not condoning, condemning or supporting one candidate or issue over another. It is our intent to encourage you the voter, to use this opportunity to make your voices heard through this process. We will continue to provide information regarding various issues for your consideration. One of the issues on the ballot for your consideration, is the much talked about ‘Issue One.’ A yes vote on ‘Issue One’ would reportedly convert felony 4 and felony 5 possession and drug use crimes to misdemeanors with no jail time for 1st and 2nd offenses committed within a 24 hour period. ‘Issue One’ would reportedly prohibit Judges from sending people to prison if they violate probation with something other than a new crime, such as missing an appointment. ‘Issue One’ would reportedly cut prison time for offenders who complete rehabilitation programs, except those convicted of murder, rape or child molestation. Springfield native and Grammy award winning artist John Legend is lending his support to ‘Issue One.’ Mr. Legend said that “The United States is the most incarcerated country in the world and Ohio has the fifth largest U.S. prison population.” It was reported that Mr. Legend further stated that crowded prisons waste taxpayer dollars and take money from community investments. Mr Legend stated that “Today, millions of young people and families have been impacted by mass incarceration with no enough economic opportunities. Almost half of Ohio’s population have nonviolent offenses or probation violations.

‘Issue One’ is further supported by the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. The fundamental difference between supporters and opponents of ‘Issue One’ according to State Representative Stephanie Howse is, “We believe in treatment over incarceration.” Shakyra Diaz, of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice says, “Issue One will help cut down the prison population and divert funds toward treatment programs.”

As with other articles, we will continue to provide information for or against this and other issues facing our community. We encourage your continued participation in the electoral process and encourage you to encourage others to vote...

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