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Silence and mystery shrouds brutal double murder

A dotting 14-year old Bedford High School student and her 39-year old father were the victims of a brutal double murder that has the family scared in silence and the community engulfed in mystery.

So far, not even the $7000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects has resulted in any clues to the homicides of Paris Bradley and her father Paul Bradley which began in their Bedford home and concluded in East Cleveland. Both funeral services are scheduled for Thursday Oct. 18th at The Word Church in Warensville Heights.

No arrests have been made, but Paris' aunt remembered her at Sunday night's vigil.

"My niece, she was beautiful. She was shy. She was just a shy, beautiful girl. Smart, very smart, very respectful," Patricia Bradley said.

The Bedford superintendent also released a statement to FOX 8 Sunday:

"Paris was a beloved student of the Bedford family. This tragedy has brought great sadness to Bedford`s students, staff, and community. We are all feeling the loss of this special young lady. Our hearts go out to her family and friends as we continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Our crisis intervention team has been available to offer support to our students and staff and will continue to do so as long as necessary. "

There is a $7,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Officials say the 14-year old teenager Paris and her father Paul was likely forcibly taken from their home while in bed, then Paris was tortured, beat and shot in the head multiple times while her father was bound and gaged, possibly witnessing her death.

Their bodies were discovered in her father’s rented vehicle in the trunk in East Cleveland where it was set afire, indicating that the father succumbed from the fire bound and tied in the trunk of the vehicle.

Both of Bedford, were found dead Oct. 10th inside a rented Buick on Savannah Ave., according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. Authorities later searched their Bedford home on Gould Ave. in connection with the case.

Paul Bradley was registered as renter of the burned car, and police also said there was "a very strong odor of gas" inside. Court records show the elder Bradley has a lengthy history with the law.

While Paris Bradley was burned, the medical examiner says that was not how she died. Apparently, she was shot multiple times in the head and suffered injuries to her skull and brain. East Cleveland officials say is appears Paris Bradley was tortured before her death to possibly gain information.

Both Paris and Paul Bradley were forcibly removed from their beds, police say evidence tells them. While Paris was killed prior to the fire, they say Paul was likely burned alive after being bound numerous times.

Paris Bradley was a freshman at Bedford High School. A parent of one of her friends says she was loved by all of her classmates, telling our Danielle Wiggins that they all can’t believe she’s gone.

Jerry Szell lives next door to the Bedford home Paul Bradley owned on Gould Ave. He says he and his daughter were always friendly.

“Me and my wife could not sleep all night,” he said. “Because just thinking about the girl. It broke us up...It’s tragic."

Szell says he can’t believe it happened just a few yards away.

"If any commotion would have been going on, I would have heard it," he said. "I heard nothing."

He never expected for anything like this to happen or for anyone to be able to commit a crime so violent.

"I don't know how you can do that to a young girl like that,” he said.

No possible suspects have been named at this time. Police tell us they are working "around the clock" to solve this case, and a $5,000 reward is being offered for information.

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