Confused Cavs cut Ty Lue

Tyrone Lue and Koby Altman

Six games into a season that most experts projected the Cleveland Cavaliers among the bottom teams in the Eastern Conference, Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman terminated head coach Tyron Lue.

Altman essentially cutting his teeth in the front office with the Cavs, canning one of the most respected coaches in the National Basketball Association, and one that so happens to be the only coach to lead your franchise to an NBA title is stunning.

Lue was informed on Sunday Oct. 28th following the Cavs sixth consecutive loss to begin the season.

What made the decision so surprising is that Lue is owed $15 million, has been with the franchise for four seasons, three as head coach and each time leading the Cavs to the NBA Finals.

Sure the Cavs had the greatest player in the world, the Godly LeBron James for those glorious runs, but those last three years were extremely taxing on Lue.

Last season he missed several games with health issues, contemplating many to assume that he would resign from his post.

After James signed with the Lakers in the offseason, a more engaged Lue appeared to be relaxed and recharged for the 2018-19 season.

Initially both Lue and the Cavs front office were in agreement that this team could be competitive in the Eastern Conference and a sure fire playoff team at the least.