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Voters spoke loud and clear for Gov. elect Mike DeWine

Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine for the State of Ohio is now Ohio’s newly elected Governor.

DeWine is now poised, having been duly selected by Ohio voters to be the next Governor of Ohio. Even if you had someone else in mind for the job, voters have made a choice and that choice is the newly elected Richard Michael DeWine.

With experiential value Governor DeWine takes over the helm of the governorship and will prayerfully steer the State of Ohio in the right direction.

It is incumbent however, upon all of us, to be diligent overseers of not only the power of his position as governor, but the promises he made as a candidate.

We are watchmen and women during the night with our eyes fixed on this citizenry as well as the broad application of advances to all of the communities encompassed within the State of Ohio. We are as sentries who never sleep but are constantly watching over the affairs of the State and even more so in our communities in hopes of finding positive changes that will impact our religious and educational institutions as well as our homes and families.

DeWine is now the Governor of the State of Ohio. We pray that promises made are promises that will be kept. This is not a time for this community to sleep or slumber. This is however the time for actions and involvement from all levels within this community. This is the time for us to stand up and be counted and recognized so that our votes are not only counted, but that our hopes and community concerns are acknowledged and acted upon in the best interest of the community.

I know that DeWine is a man of integrity and I believe him to be faithful to his word. I pray for inclusion and involvement from transition to the transformation of plans and projects, especially those that directly affect this community.

It is my prayer that we are ingrained and intrinsic to the broadening of values that will make not only this community, but Cleveland and the great State of Ohio a better place to live.

After following DeWine’s political career from his days in the senate to his position as the attorney general of the state of Ohio, I believe that his participation in the political process equates to an experience we need in Ohio government.

It has been said that votes have consequences. Let’s do our part to ensure that the Governorship of Richard Michael DeWine is one of the most powerful, promising and productive positions as a consequence of the voices of the people via their votes at the polls.

The Call & Post congratulate and celebrate with our new Governor.

We pray for his success as well as the success of his administration as they endeavor to move the great State of Ohio forward.

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