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Farewell to Pastor Tyrone Bolden

On Saturday, November 24, 2018, the City of Cleveland came together to celebrate the life of Pastor Tyrone Bolden; a great man of faith in God and in the community he served.

Pastor Bolden, a husband, father, grandfather, friend and former City councilman in the Mt. Pleasant community, was a true servant living an admirable life of service to God, his community and to the City of Cleveland. Pastor Bolden was a lifelong resident of Cleveland who served in City Council for 10 years. He loved his family with an impetuous passion precipitated by a heart of care and concern. Pastor Bolden was a developer of people; an innovator, and encourager paralleled to few. He never stopped but continued throughout his life to envelope people so that one day they could unfold their own talents and abilities.

In fact, he was instrumental in positioning the first four (4) African American female Judges to the Municipal Courts. He had a passion for people, sports and politics. He loved coaching football and basketball and without question, he loved being the personal coach for T. J. his son.

Without question, Pastor Bolden was a man worth knowing, and all who knew him will not forget his many acts of kindness and care for the welfare of others. Then, as I look way back, I remember with great affection those days when I was a young policeman; Tyrone was the Councilman and Eugene Ward was the Preacher. I remember how we came together and walked the streets of Cleveland doing our part in trying to make Cleveland a better place.

I remember how Pastor Bolden inspired and encouraged me on a personal level. I remember how he could call on people and how they would respond to his call. I remember the days of Councilman John Barnes; Councilman Kenny Lumpkin; Councilwoman Fanny Lewis; Councilman Robert White; Councilman Larry Jones; Councilman Earl Turner; Councilman Jeff Johnson; Councilwoman Helen Smith and then President of Council George Forbes.

We also recognize current Councilman Kevin Bishop and the Honorable Mayor Frank Jackson who were also present to bid their farewells. This was a unique day in Cleveland’s history with all of the diverse personalities to bid farewell to Pastor Tyrone Bolden.

Even though we did not always agree, but we never lost focus on the mission at hand or the people that mattered. That's what Tyrone Bolden was all about. He was an integral part of the fiber of the City that highlight the best of who we are today.

And so, in one way or the other, Pastor Bolden affected and influenced us all. His passion for people has sparked many of us to go even further in our efforts to be great leaders and ambassadors also worthy of great honor. We would also like to recognize and honor Pastor Bolden’s extended family; Judge Emanuella Groves and her husband Mr. Gregg Groves. Thank God for a life that touches lives...

Now, by the Will of God, we bid farewell to a friend and a colleague. We pray for his family and that the legacy he leaves will always be remembered.

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