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A Tribute to my good friend George Herbert Walker Bush


Now my fellow Americans, please may I join you in our farewell salute and celebration of the life and legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush… A Great American… Military Hero… A great American spokesman and leader of we the people, and a great American President for the we the people, and a great American father of two great American sons, George W. Bush, who was President and Jeb Bush, who was Governor. Personally, with humble humility and deep appreciation, and great admiration, I say so long to my good friend, Mr. President… George Herbert Walker Bush.

I celebrate your life with great admiration and deep affection, and I bid you farewell on your home going journey.

I sincerely thank you for you giving me the honor and privilege of sharing your friendship with me in your journey of life… more importantly, by honoring me with the privilege of being invited into your home with your wonderful wife Barbara Bush, the love of your life, heart and soul, and loving mother of your great family. Your wonderful wife, Barbara Bush, awaits your reunion at home in Heaven.

The legacy of your life’s journey is immortalized and will live forever… may God continue to bless your spirit… God bless your family, which you leave behind, who celebrates and mourns your great life.

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