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Ohio Woman Climbs Kilimanjaro

(CLEVELAND, OH. --Join in the fun, watch the progress, and help meet the challenge of the Kili-Trek Climb. To symbolize the determination and perseverance of the late Honorable Judge Perry B. Jackson, the first African American judge in Ohio, Dr. Anita P. Jackson will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds for a monument honoring the judge. The statue will be constructed and installed in Cleveland, Ohio. For every foot climbed, pledge $.10 or more to the Judge Jackson Memorial. (1000 feet - $100; 5000 feet - $500; the summit of 19,341 feet -$1,934.10).

The Judge Perry B. Jackson Memorial Committee was established for the purpose of creating and installing a statue of Judge Jackson and enhancing the Judge Jackson Scholarship Fund managed by the Cleveland Foundation. Born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio, Judge Jackson later moved to Cleveland and graduated magna cum laude from Law School at Western Reserve University. After passing the bar in 1922, he began his private practice.

Elected to the Ohio legislature in 1928 and appointed as a judge to the Cleveland Municipal Court in 1942, Judge Jackson broke racial barriers as a legislator and Ohio’s first black judge. He went on to win successive terms and serve in the Cleveland Municipal Court and Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court until 1986. He is most known for his tireless efforts in serving the community, state, and nation through the numerous organizations in which he served. He was also committed to the positive development of youth and served on the boards of organizations including the Boy Scouts of American, YMCA, the Phillis Wheatley Association, and Ohio Boys Town. The book, “In the Service of Community an Honored Elder: The Honorable Judge Perry B. Jackson,” was written by his nieces and is available on Amazon.

The total cost to create the monument is $72,600, plus $10,000 for installation and the pedestal. Over $30,000 has already been raised.

Dr. Anita P. Jackson, the judge’s 75-year old niece, educator and clinical counselor, who resides in Zanesville, Ohio, invites others to follow her progress as she trains, makes the climb and completes the March trek. More importantly, she challenges everyone to help close the funding gap through this unique challenge.

The Kili-Trek climb is March 4-14, but pledges can be made now to raise funds for the Judge Perry B. Jackson Memorial and the Judge Perry B. Jackson Scholarship Fund. Here’s how:

(1) Go to to pledge your commitment to the Kili Trek Climb. Then click on Kili-Trek Climb. Follow the prompts.

(2) After the climb, you will be notified of the feet climbed and you may go to to donate. Click on donate and follow the prompts.

(3) Go to to view pictures of the climb.

For more information, contact, Dr Anita P. Jackson at or 740-319-1157; or visit Also follow Anita P. Jackson on Facebook.

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