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“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." – Abraham Lincoln


– Kim Jong Un

A profound statement of wisdom and understanding, from one disrespected nuclear power world leader, Kim Jong Un, to another disrespected nuclear power world leader, President Donald J. Trump. Both, collectively, world power leaders of the nuclear age.

The corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system of the ideology of white supremacy hate, violence and control has again succeeded in its diabolical scheme to achieve its goal of undermining our spiritually touched God-sent President Donald J. Trump, temporarily at an unpredictable cost, by stripping him of all credibility, honor, integrity, trust, and reliability.

Not only discrediting him and labeling him as a congenital liar and completely untrustworthy, but by viciously attacking his persona and while at the same time undermining him and dangerously undermining America, the American people, and the leadership of America by stating that he (President Donald J. Trump) is unfit to be president, and a top candidate for impeachment. Which means to any adversary nuclear power leader, that any agreement that is negotiated with President Trump, without the united support of dedication and commitment of the American people to uphold it, would be meaningless. Especially so with the divisive war taking place between the party’s for President Trump’s impeachment, would take away the power of (nullify the agreement) the agreement if impeached…

With this type of bias, bigoted character assassination of President Trump, being stripped publicly of all honor, integrity, trust and reliability. President Trump attended the historical unprecedented nuclear peace summit number two (2) on Feb 27-28, 2019, according to the maneuvered and the manipulated media, by the powerful, remarkable and corrupt, rigged system as being powerless, humiliated, and embarrassed by the bias bigotry of malicious propaganda, which has also, embarrassed America… while devastating America’s credibility and prestige as the leader of the free world, and the lamp of liberty and freedom, for which it symbolizes. A nuclear power peace summit confronting the most important task before mankind today: NUCLEAR WORLD PEACE!!!



Yet, my fellow Americans, the top narrative… and the top story today, is not informing the American people, and the peoples of the world about the could be life threatening nuclear bomb exchanges war which threatens our human existence on planet earth, the nuclear peace summit. However, the top number one narrative and number one top story is about a Peter denial of Christ type of betrayal, featuring Michael Cohen’s betrayal of President Trump’s alleged inappropriate behavior; and the top narrative is about Michael Cohen’s Judas Iscariot’s betrayal: where he alleges and accuses President Trump of the past ten years of illicit and criminal behavior and hush money pay offs, being a racist and a con man.

Then, my fellow Americans, to add insult to injury, the crooked, corrupt, rigged system schedules the Michael Cohen Congressional Hearings of backstabbing allegations and speculation criminal accusation, totally disregarding the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, at the same time as the nuclear peace summit was taking place. And, the Michael Cohen betrayal narrative against President Trump, topped the lifesaving nuclear peace summit by a landslide. Which is simply ludicrous. It killed a nuclear power peace summit, which was (designated) designed to prevent nuclear war and achieve nuclear world peace.

Hopefully and prayerfully, our spiritually touched, God-sent President Trump, can put the derailed nuclear peace summit back on track.

President Trump, my fellow Americans, in the first historical, unprecedented peace summit initiated and established the program of mutual respect, mutual tolerance, and peaceful co-existence between North Korea’s Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and himself, the spiritually touched, God-sent President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America. The first historical unprecedented peace summit was highly successful… why? Because of the genius of our spiritually touched, God-sent President Trump, treating the Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un with great respect as an equal man and a fellow world nuclear power leader.

Thus, with reciprocity, mutual respect was born between the two world nuclear power leaders, which gave birth to peaceful conversations and discussions in regard to each other’s people humanity in saving lives by the prevention of hostile threats and nuclear exchanges, as was prognosticated, agitated and predicted by the corrupt, rigged ideology of white supremacy hate, violence and control system. Thus, temporarily saving countless millions of human’s lives, due to the genuine mutual respect that these two world nuclear power leaders held for each other.

Hopefully and prayerfully in the spirit of the Eternal Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il, trendsetter for world peace and the interposition of the spirit of the Lord; touching the heart of our fearless, brave, courageous and bold, spiritually touched, God-sent President Trump to bring back the task of achieving nuclear world peace, as the top priority on the world agenda today.

Then, with both nuclear power leaders collectively working together we will defeat the corrupt, rigged system’s villainy for a better, peaceful co-existence world.


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