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Bryant, Dial earn end of the season honors

Bryant, Dial earn end of the season honors

By Bryant K. Kizer

Staff Reporter

Normally, a 16-8 record do not get many awards. But for Warrensville Heights Lady Tigers, 16-8 is better where they came from.

The Tigers had only won one game in their last two seasons, but this year under the direction of head coach Ourtney Bryant, this season was special.

Bryant, his first year at Warrensville Heights, earned Division III Coach-of-the-Year honors of the Northeast Lakes All-District Awards.

Euclid’s Panthers Constance Chaplin averaged nearly 30 points a game and she was awarded with D-I Most Valuable Player. Cleveland Heights’ Hayley Sims and Solon’s Hailey Weaver were named to D-I First Team.

Euclid’s Alexis Reese, John Hay’s Laurene Tere and Bedford’s Alexandria Hunter earned D-I Second team.

In D-II, Annika Corcoran of Gilmour Academy was named the MVP. Taylor Thierry of Laurel, Carly Perusek of Beaumont were named to the D-II First team.

In D-III, La’Mya Ford (26.7 points per game), Warrensville Heights was named to the first team. Faith Williams (14.0 ppg.) was named the MVP.

In the Boys’ Brush Arcs had three players that received D-I First team honors. Andre Harris, D.J. Dial and John Hugley. However, the MVP went to Lorain’s Devon Grant.

East Tech’s D.J. Harrell and Shaker Heights’ Dakota Cochran was named to D-I Second team.

In D-II, Benedictine’s Davin Zeigler was named to the D-II First team. Player-of-the-Year went to Lake Catholic’s Luka Eller.

D-III, Beachwood’s Jayson Woodrich averaged 26.7 points per game and was honored with Player of the Year. Warrensville Heights’ Ramelle Arnold and Brandon Rush was named to the D-III First team.

Photo - Ourtney Bryant, was named D-III Coach-of-the-Year. Bryant guided the Warrensville Heights Lady Tigers to a 16-8 record. (Photo by Bryant K. Kizer).

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