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Carl King inducted into National Boxing Hall of Fame

Carl King has worked in the sports and entertainment industry for over 30 years.

Carl is an expert in all phases of boxing ,as son of boxing promoter and extraordinaire Don King.

Under the tutelage of Don King, the greatest boxing promoter in boxing history, Carl King has risen to greater heights.

Carl has managed champions in various weight classes and some simultaneously. Heavyweights such as Michael Dokes and Tim Witherspoon among many others in various weight classes.

Carl King has a keen sense of boxing with the memory of an elephant who remembers boxing records and stats. With all of his knowledge acquired over the years, it is my opinion that Carl would be one of the greatest boxing commentators of all time.

Together Carl and I have shared a brotherly relationship time cannot erase.

The true story of Carl King will be recorded in the canons of history.

Today, I salute Carl King as a brother and a friend.

I join the chorus of people around the world acknowledging Carl on his induction into the National Boxing Hall of Fame.

On that same weekend, the more than worthy of double honor and distinction boxing promoter Don king, was duly inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame.

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