Rich Paul is top NBA Power Player

Glenville native breaks industry norms

The National Basketball Association just completed its championship and will conduct its draft of amateur players on June 20th, but these are mere sideshows to the vast underbelly of what transformed one of America’s most popular sports and its culture of business that has long been controlled by non African Americans.

In a league where roughly 95 percent of its players are Black, there is only one African American owner. While many Blacks roam the sidelines as head coaches, an obscure number of Blacks are making decisions as General Managers.

Furthermore the players donning uniforms of 30 NBA teams are being represented by individuals and or agents who are non African Americans. The few Black agents that appear to operate independently often make decisions are in line with the status quo.

Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the history of basketball was represented by David Falk, Magic Johnson had Lon Rosen, Kobe Bryant had Rob Pelinka, all of whom made piles of cash for their clients, but did nothing to influence power or culture.

That was until the greatest current player LeBron James decided to break-up the industry standard model and team up with his childhood friends, namely Glenville native Rich Paul.

The industry scoffed at the idea some nine years ago when LeBron left Leon Rose of Creative Artist Agency and powerbroker ‘World-Wide’ William Wesley in favor of Paul.