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Help Save America



Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

Forgiveness, Redemption, Conversion, Faith…

President Donald Trump loves his country…America…and he loves the American people; he is loyal to his country and its people.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Loyalty is more than words; true loyalty will result in actions. Action is what President Trump is giving to ‘We the People,’…he lives, loves and breathes loyalty.

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32



My fellow Americans, we are living in crisis-oriented times… hate-filled divisive times… attacked by two homeland white supremacist – hate-filled terrorist, tragically killing 31 people between El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio and shooting and wounding close to 30 more people. Innocent people, peaceably shopping, having their lives taken away from them by hate is a real tragedy. However, it comes as no surprise the ideology of white supremacy, ruled by custom and tradition, white supremacy law and governed by a corrupt, rigged, sexist racist system way of life. The ideology of white supremacy from the graves of yesterday, reinvented and reinstituted by belief for the practice of today, and tomorrow under this clime, this terrible tragedy took place. Our prayers to almighty God to give relief to the families of the victims of these tragic mass shootings in their sorrow and pain.

We at the Call & Post share their grief and extend our sincere condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and extend our heartfelt prayers to the Lord for a healthy recovery of the wounded victims and a happy return home to their loving families.

The corrupt, rigged system, my fellow citizens have desperately tried to erase our memory of Emmett Till and James Byrd – white hate crimes of the past, by homeland terrorism, black hate crimes and lynching’s, murders and burning up live black people at the stake, vicious racist hate, terror and violence stemming from chattel slavery, and still continuing today.

And now trying to persuade and convince us, we the people, that President Trump is the blame and the cause for what’s happening today, in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio.

It is undeniably true that words are what people live by, “saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.” It is also true that one picture beats a thousand words.

However, I do agree that no one brings out the ills and wrongs of racism of the corrupt, rigged system in transparency to the fore for debate.

However, my fellow Americans, no one can deny the facts and we the people, do agree and do believe that no one brings out the transparency and identification of the racist ills and wrongs of the racism of the corrupt, rigged system for debate, discussion and review the way that President Trump does.

Which begs the all-important question: What are we the people, going to do about punishing these terroristic hate crimes against our democracy by law? Not by fraud… Not by universal denouncement and condemnation rhetoric, but by legislative law.

WAKE UP!!! Black America/People of Color??? Let’s take President Trump up on his promise and commitment to; “We are going to create a whole new system… and we are going to take this system apart.” “I want to make America great again.” “America First!!”

Now, if you believed that, that promise and commitment is a lie, then we the people, in conjunction with President Trump must work together with President Trump to make that lie come true!!!

Then, we must put an end to all of the hate, bigotry and divisiveness, and eradicate (eliminate) the double standard doctrine of superior and inferior classes of people, which was created and taught to us, we the people, by our corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system’s propaganda machine.

To persuade and convince us, we the people, into believing the lies, distortions of truths and hypocrisy. Now, in order for us to expose the lies, and hypocrisy disseminated by our corrupt, rigged systems distortions of truth.

We the people, must unite, organize and join President Trump. Then, collectively working together with President Trump, to undertake the vitally important, very much needed magnanimous creation of a whole new system, while at the same time taking this corrupt, rigged, oppressive, sexist, racist system apart.

While the chatterboxes, bias media and purple propaganda are busily condemning President Trump as the cause and the blame for what we are suffering and experiencing today. Please stop, pause, think and reflect on the failing of our democratic form of government, which has failed to protect and secure the safety of the American people from the homeland terrorist, violence and hate crimes. Why? Because of our corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system’s power by law won’t allow any change. Only President Trump has the courage and bravery to challenge this corrupt, rigged system in total. “We are going to create a whole new system, and we are going to take this system apart.” “I want to make America great again.” “America first!!!”

The Democrats are crying out for President Trump’s impeachment? Ask yourself, we the people, especially my fellow African Americans, will that impeachment of President Trump resolve or solve our (America’s) problem?

Absolutely not!!! My fellow citizens? We the people, think not! Former Vice President Joe Biden, who said he can work with staunch racist and segregationist, who said he can work together with them in the give and take process of democracy, compromise and resolve problems, respecting their right, their staunch unequivocal stand on racist segregation which diametrically opposed and violated democracy’s founding principles: Liberty, Justice, Equality and Freedom, who’s working together with staunch racists would result and arrive at a Hayes, Tilden sort of compromise. A deal that doomed reconstruction for the emancipation of the freed bondsman and denied him being included in the American body politic as an equal today.

Segregation and the tortuous logic that views the tragic result of segregation and discrimination clearly affirm the belief of African American inferiority. The critical issue is that African Americans must get rid of the notion once and for all that there are superior and inferior races, our divisiveness and disunity provides strength with inspiring support to our enemies. We must unite, organize and stand together with our vote.

Then, use that vote for our best interest in the best interests of America. Blacks must speak out independently, yet, in concert with white allies.

What do the African Americans want? The African American wants total freedom, equal to the white man… equality not in Africa or in some imaginary state??? But right here in this great land called America… Today!!! What the African Americans don’t want is… more lies… more unkept promises and more apologies.

We, the African Americans are not any longer in comprises over our fate?

American history was, and still is full of compromises over slavery. Roger Sherman’s 3/5th compromise, making black people 3/5th human beings, for counting purposes to elect more white representative slaveholders to congress, the compromise that deleted the slave trade reference in the Declaration of Independence, the Missouri Compromise that allowed slavery to spread into the southern half of the Louisiana purchase territory, the Hayes vs. Tilden Compromise that ended the reconstruction by withdrawing the federal troops from Dixie, and leaving the African Americans there to the mercy of their former slave masters. The Supreme Court compromise in Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896, which upheld the doctrine of separate but equal, following the infamous Dred Scott ruling of the Supreme Court by Roger Brooke Taney, stating that a black man has no rights that a white man is bound to respect, in 1856.

Never underestimate the Herculean power of this corrupt, rigged system, my fellow Americans. The corrupt, rigged system’s oppressive codes of racism and divisiveness, which pits President Trumps against the African Americans/People of Color and in turn, pits the African Americans/People of Color against President Trump. In addition, the corrupt rigged system cunningly and shrewdly pits President Trump against the woman… and in turn pits the woman against President Trump.

The corrupt, rigged system possesses the power and the capability to make wrong to be believed as right… and to make right to be believed as wrong. Then, to make a lie, to be believed as the truth…and to make the truth to be believed as a lie. Then, using (implementing) every element of racism: prejudice, bias, fake news, bigotry, discrimination and divisiveness, in order to ascertain the corrupt system’s purpose; which is to mold and to shape negative, shameful and despicable public sentiment against President Trump, in order to shape and create, mold and build horribly bad and disgusting public opinion in regards to President Trump, making him the cause and the blame for every execrable, egregious, ungodly act or evil, racist happening which takes place in America during his presidency.

“The real question, the all-commanding question is whether American Justice, American Liberty, American civilization, American law and American Christianity can be made to include and protect alike and forever all American citizens in the rights which, in a generous moment in the nation’s life, have been guaranteed to them by the organic and fundamental law of the land.”

– Frederick Douglass, ‘The Nation’s Problem’ (1889)

The time for this dangerous Americanism is now!!! Let us rise up today with a greater readiness. Let us stand with a greater determination, and let us move on these powerful days before 2020 with a renewed dedication and commitment meeting the challenge to make America what it ought to be, a better nation. We have an opportunity to make America a better nation by working together…




God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Donald J. Trump

God Bless our Military, men and women the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

God Bless the Fallen but not Forgotten Heroes

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

Only in America

Don King