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One Game is not a Season Cleveland Browns

Just in case you just returned from another planet and didn’t get the news, let me be the first to tell you that the Cleveland Browns lost their home opener to the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday. With all of the hype and hope of fans across the country, the team we expected failed to make a winning appearance Sunday at First Energy Stadium. Personally, I was attending Church service and didn’t get the news until after the game, but unlike some who have already started to complain and talk defeat for the season. I have another perspective. Every team the Browns face has already geared up now more than ever to win against Cleveland. Other teams are fired-up to be the team that defeats the promised coming of the next Super Bowl bound Cleveland Browns. With that in mind, I will use Sunday’s trouncing and see it as a tragedy en-route to triumph. Yes, I know featured quarterback named Baker Mayfield; yes, I know a renowned receiver named Odell Beckham; yes, one of the best defensive ends is Miles Garrett; and certainly, the team in its entirety is arguably the best team I have ever seen on the field. Yet, with every team in its genesis, there is adversity. I will not lose heart with Sunday’s lost, or arrive at a negative predictive perspective for future games because of Sunday’s lost. I will get over this, I will get through this, and the Browns will win.

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