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In the onslaught on the pandemic which has capitalized in overtaking every aspect of human life Congresswoman Marcia Fudge continues to lead, be innovative as well as informative. While some elected leaders have remained silent or obscure she held a Town Hall Meeting with her constituents on Monday, March 23, 2020 to answer questions concerns about COVID-19.

In this period of time, we as a people are in uncharted waters, there must be information and communication. The almost 90 minute conversation of information was pertinent in answering questions from every aspect of American life. The Congresswoman had sent out information to constituents through email so that the 4pm (EDT) Tele-Town Hall could be readily prepared and that constituents could ensure some calm in these questionable times of the rising pandemic.

The questions ranged from individuals who were concerned about their employment, self-employment, the checks which will be disbursed and the concern for proper information disseminating before the public.

Congresswoman Fudge hosted the teleconference town hall with aide from doctors and economic advisors who were able to answer questions. The experts who were from the Cleveland area and working with Congresswoman Fudge in Washington, D.C. were diligent in responding to the needs of the Constituents from Cuyahoga and Summit County. Drs. File and Dreher were instrumental in giving information as it pertained to the medical and pandemic situation. Chairman Richard Neal was able to share information as it pertained to the economic index of those with financial concerns. Neal is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

When questions were unable to be answered the Congresswoman insisted that constituents call her office so that questions which could not be answered during the call would be given office consideration. “My staff and I will immediately start to answer the questions which we could not answer on this call first. If there are those of you who were not able to get your questions asked during this call, please contact my office so that we are in a position to respond to each and every constituent who has a concern”, stated Congresswoman Fudge. There were over 5500 participants on the call and many desired to ask questions and were not able to recognize because of the time constraint. The Town Hall call was appreciated by all who participated while persons of diverse backgrounds had questions of major concern for their different communities.

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