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The ensuing pandemic has stopped American life as many have come to know it. The recent cancellation of the March 17th primary election has caused concern throughout the State of Ohio. Secretary of State Frank LaRose has implemented a statewide referendum to allow absentee ballots to be issued throughout the state to registered voters. Many were waiting for the opportunity to vote on primary election day only to find out that COVID-19 had made the State Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton, issue a shutdown of all board of elections and polling places on Election Day.

Registered voters throughout the State of Ohio must request an application to fill out and return so that a ballot can be mailed and the voting process will take place to ensure their right and privilege to vote (Application on front of website). G-PAC, which was recently organized to ensure that candidates from the minority community were given a fair chance before the constituents before the community, stated that are shifting their focus, working with churches, pastors and institutions to get the application to communities so that the ballots may soon be mailed to the registered voters. The churches will have the parking lot open to give and receive the application ballots and get the applications to the Board of Elections, which will quickly get the ballots to the recipients so that voting will take place. “Many people are already in a position where they do not trust their government,” stated Jerry Primm, Co-Cordinator of G-PAC. The postponement of the election made them trust the government less because it interfered with the process of voting.

The process of mailing the application will be conducted by the Secretary of State’s office while local pastors, churches and community leaders to speed the process so that the election process will not be hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic will initiate the local process. The Black community was alarmed, as it needed its voice to be heard as it pertains to being a presidential year. The need for jurists with empathy, towards the African-American community in a time when more Black individuals are being locked up unfairly, is one of the primary concerns. Now the time is to VOTE VOTE VOTE…MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!! All are requested to fill out the application for an absentee ballot and mail it back immediately so that the voting tabulations can record Ohio as being a part of the election process. Churches and Pastors who will be participating will be announced. Some are listed in this printing. Applications can be received in at these designated areas of the community to be apart of the voting process. All application ballots must be in by April 28, 2020. The application is on front of website and click it, fill it out, follow the instructions and mail it in. An application may be picked up at the following locations; see below:


Calhoun Funeral Home 23000 Rockside Rd. Bedford Hts. Ohio 44146

Philemon Community B.C. 12618 Shaw Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44108 Zion Chapel Ministry 4248 Lee Rd. Cleveland Ohio 44128 Cathedral C.O.G.I.C. 2940 MLK Jr. Dr. Cleveland Ohio 44104

Holy Trinity Baptist Church 3808 E. 131 St. Cleveland Ohio 44120

Sanctuary Baptist Church 4004 E 131 St. Cleveland Ohio 44105 Greater Love Baptist Church 3630 E 116 St. Cleveland Ohio 44105 Harvey Rice Library 11535 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland Ohio 44104 Watts Upchurch 8201 Superior Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44103 Calhoun Funeral 17010 Lakeshore Blvd. Cleveland Ohio 44110

Boyd Funeral Home 2165 E. 89 St . Cleveland Ohio 44106

Moses Free Spirit B.C. 9319 Union Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44103

Harvard Service C.C. 18240 Harvard Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44128

Imani Temple Ministries 2463 N. Taylor Rd. Cleveland Hts. Ohio 44118

Zion Fellowship 4265 Northfield Rd. Highland Hills Ohio 44128

Stephanie Tubbs Jones C.C. 3450 Lee Rd. Shaker Hts. Ohio 44120

Boyd Funeral Home 25900 Emery Rd. Warrensville Hts. Ohio 44128

Imani Temple Ministries 2463 N Taylor Rd Cleveland Heights Ohio 44118 Zion Fellowship 4265 Northfield Rd Highland Hills Ohio 44128 Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Center 3450 Lee Rd Shaker Heights Ohio 44120 Boyd Funeral Home 25900 Emery Rd Warrensville Heights Ohio 44128

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