Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise… Never underestimate the “will” of the American people. The will of ‘We the People,’ chose Donald J. Trump to lead the movement for change in our corrupt establishment’s form of governing, ‘We the People.’ Now that Donald J. Trump has become President Donald J. Trump. Let’s support ourselves, in our undeniable outcry for change from a crooked, evil, corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist system of control by supporting the spiritually touched, fearless and courageous leader whom ‘We the People,’ chose to lead and to bring about such a change, by supporting President Donald J. Trump while at the same time supporting ourselves for change

Cavaliers title defense begins in historical trilogy

For the first time in NBA history two team will meet for the championship in three consecutive seasons. The last time two pro teams faced each other in three straight title contests was the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadians, who faced off for the Stanley Cup from 1954-56. Before that, it was the Cleveland Browns against the Detroit Lions (1952-54) and before that, the New York Yankees vs. the New York Giants (1921-23). There is one thing that separates those matchups from Cavs-Warriors, however. They’re the only foes that have split the first two meetings. Two teams will be meeting for the pinnacle, the championship in three consecutive years. The Defending NBA champion Cleveland Cav

‘Children of the Night’ is absolutely outta sight

The Breen Center for Performing Arts was transformed into an open living room, flush with all of the powerful elements that impacts a Black family when challenged by the socio economic ills of wayward child exposed to the ongoing crisis of human trafficking. Cleveland native Dr. Pamelia Tyree-Carr’s seventh stage production delved deep into a crisis that has engulfed the nation, spurning legislation that has yet to come to any solutions on how to solve the dilemma. Creatively, Carr addressed the issue from an African America perspective in ‘Children of the Night’ starting at its root core of what transpires in the home. The fast moving, wise comedy, sprinkled with oldies and gospel depicts a

7th Heaven for James

It was another record setting night for the Cleveland Cavaliers in Boston as the defending NBA champions scored an NBA record high 43 points in the first quarter and a franchise record 75 in the first half to cruise to their third consecutive Eastern Conference Finals title with a resounding 135-102 victory over the top seed Celtics to win the series 4-1. That man, LeBron James scored 35 points and passed Michael Jordan for the most postseason points in NBA history while becoming the only non-Celtic player to play in seven consecutive NBA championships. Kyrie Irving was spectacular finishing with 24 points, Kevin Love added 15 and Deron Williams 14 points off the bench and the Cavs advanced

Cavs revamping Cleveland community

The Cleveland Cavaliers have delivered more than $42 million in community, civic and charitable funding over the last 20+ years. In fitting with that theme, the organization recently announced it would refurbish the gymnasium floors in all Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s (CMSD) high schools as well as the 22 gymnasium floors in various city recreation centers. This is the latest in a string of investments the Cavaliers organization has made in Cleveland, including to improve the quality of life for Cleveland’s youth. They have a track-record of supporting local organizations that make a significant impact on the community, including (but not limited to): 〈 Boys & Girls Club of Cleve

Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise… “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Matthew 12:25 “Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt; for the tree is known by his fruit.” Matthew 12:33 My fellow Americans, we must come to grips with the reality of life here in America…At the same time, we must come to grips with the reality of life in the rest of the world. A world in which America plays a major role in its leadership, especially now in the nuclear age. There is no winner in a nuclear exchange Yet, the corrupt system t

Rev. Otis Moss salutes Rev. Dr. R.E. Hedgeman

The esteemed Rev. Otis Moss Jr. hailed Bethany Christian Church pastor Rev. Dr. Robyn E. Hedgeman on her 20th anniversary with a riveting sermon documenting trees. He saluted Rev. Hedgeman as a “remarkable leader and pastor of Bethany Christian Church.” Hedgeman recalled attending theological college and sitting at the feet of the man who was a personal friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the former pastor of renowned Olivet Institutional Baptist Church where he served for 33 years. Moss had to leave Atlanta where he was attending events at Morehouse College with his son Rev. Otis Moss III where both are alums, but said it was paramount for him to pay tribute to Rev. Hedgeman. “Congrat

Understanding LEBRON

The first time I heard about LeBron James was more than 17 years ago. I was living in Los Angeles and running a Nike Swoosh basketball league for 11-12 year olds. Most of the rumblings about this kid from Northeast Ohio centered on his single mom and the raw gifts of this child prodigy from Akron. If you’ve been involved in sports as long as I have, some 40 plus years, or if you’ve heard one story them you’ve probably heard them all. After all I had seen Raymond Lewis as a kid and watched up close the development of Schea Cotton, then Paul Pierce and Baron Davis, Tyson Chandler the list goes on. I can’t say that I even thought just how good this child prodigy could be. That I would learn a f

Cleveland native proves Army service is best alternative

Major Cassandra Pride-Cobb reflected on growing up in Cleveland on the predominantly African American east side and then being bused to white schools on the west side and thought about just how far she has come since then. “I moved to Cleveland in 1978. My family was a family from Mississippi and we migrated when I was 10 years old and we lived on 137th and Kinsman and my mom and dad still live there to this day,” the Major told the Call & Post Newspaper. She described the environment as tough: “It was a totally different environment. It was tough neighborhood, you had to hold your own but at the same time my parents expected me to get my education. School was first.” Major Pride-Cobb, 49, s

Boston Beat down

The Cleveland Cavaliers officially sent an emphatic message to the Gold State Warriors with a historical beat down of the Boston Celtics in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a resounding 130-86 wipeout to move within two games of the NBA championship. The Cavs led the Celtics by 41 at the half, the largest margin in the Celtics storied history and by as many as 50 in the second half, allowing the reserves to play the final quarter with the starters on the bench. The total points was the most in Cavaliers history and the victory marked their 13th straight since winning the last three of the 2016 NBA Finals. The Cavs can break the Lakers 1988-89 mark of 13 straight playoff wins with

LeBron and Love lead Cavs past Celts

LeBron James and Kevin Love had monster performances as the defending NBA champion Cavaliers combined for 70 points in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals leading the Cavs to a resounding 117-104 victory over the Celtics in Boston. The victory for the Cavs was a club record 12th dating back to the 2016 Finals against the Golden State Warriors and 9th straight to begin the 2017 postseason. Tristan Thompson dominated the Celtics on the glass with 6 offensive rebounds, and scored 20 points, Kyrie Irving added 11 points and 6 assist and the Cavs snatched home court advantage in the best of seven series. Game 2 will be played Friday in Boston. Love connected on 6 of 9 threes, and James flirte

Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise… He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness and honor. We all want loyal friends, as Christians we are to be loyal to the people that God put in our lives. President Donald J. Trump does that by putting America First. President Trump, the honest voice of the will of the ‘We the People’s Movement for Change’…and the replacement of the corrupt system pursues righteousness for our great nation of America. President Trump has great respect for loyalty and great respect for friendship…but he has greater love and respect for ‘We the People,’ the American people. President Trump is a dedicated fighter who is figh

Dan Gilbert works for many years to improve Cleveland neighborhoods

Businessman and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has been highly instrumental in fighting urban decay or blight nationwide, and that fight has had – and continues to have -- significant impact in Greater Cleveland. In 2011 and 2012, Gilbert and his team at Rock Ventures, the parent company of Gilbert’s many businesses, helped persuade congressional leaders to direct $2 billion to that effort nationwide, securing over $60 million in federal blight relief funding - Hardest Hit Funds - for Cuyahoga County and in Cleveland neighborhoods – with 82% of that to date being spend in the City of Cleveland. The Hardest Hit Funds program has provided significant resources to help Americans avoid foreclosure,

Neighboring Goodyear and Cavs secure partnership deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have taken sometime to get to this point, but their partnership fit with Northeast Ohio neighbor Goodyear for a multi-year partnership agreement that will begin in the 2017-18 season is right on time. Their connection is genuine and unique, with Goodyear being a founding member of the National Basketball League, the precursor to the NBA in 1930. Ironically, it was the Goodyear Wingfoots that won the first NBL title in 1937 and the AAU National Championship in 1964 with a team that featured three Olympic Gold Medalists: Richard Davies, Pete McCaffrey, and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Brown. The Cavs winning the NBA championship in 2016 has brou

One jolly green giant step from The Finals

LeBron James chasing down the jolly green giant 5’9 Isiah Thomas during the regular season. The Cavs won the series 3-1, but now all the chips on table as the team defends its first NBA title. The Cleveland Cavaliers are one series away from being position to defend their first NBA championship and it will begin on the road against the rival Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals on May 17. LeBron James is one Eastern Conference Finals from playing in his seventh consecutive NBA Finals, but he is not thinking about any of that right now. The one game at a time ritual is so frequently used by players and coaches that nobody really pays attention to it, except for the Cleveland Cavali

Rep. Fudge leads major support of the Q Transformation

Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) United States House of Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) is among the prominent individuals and organizations that have overwhelmingly endorsed the Cleveland’s approval of an $88 million commitment to the Q Transformation Project that was signed into legislation on April 25. In addition to Rep. Fudge, the Cleveland NAACP, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, Western Reserve Land Conservancy Vice President Jim Rokakis, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, Dr. Larry Macon and the powerful United Pastors in Mission, and many others support the project. “This investment in The Q will result in numerous,

LeBron James speaks out on race

The Cleveland Cavaliers had just defeated the Toronto Raptors in game two of their Eastern Conference Semifinal match-up, but the most socially responsible athlete since Muhammad Ali tackled the most sensitive topic in America. Race! The questions pierced those endless volleys about the game James had just played and brought an eerie silence among the massive what press crops who frequently have the best access to athletes such as James. I was the more concerned with what James thought about the Adams Jones situation when a Boston Red Sox fan hurled the N- word at him and threw a bag of peanuts at him for good measure. Jones, an all star major leaguer, handled the insults with the dignity of

Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise “GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS HIS WONDERS TO PERFORM.” Just as the God of Israel did by sending Cyrus the Great to Babylon to free the Jews, now God has sent Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America to help save America…to help save the world. Peace being the most important topic on earth. “I have, therefore, chosen this time and place to discuss a topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth too rarely perceived. And that is the most important topic on earth: peace.” President John F. Kennedy Now, the corrupt system, as predicted by me over a year ago, has shrewdly manipulated a tentative, could be

Bethany Christian Celebrating   Dr. R.E. Hedgeman 20th Anniversary

The Rev. Dr. R.E. Hedgeman Bethany Christian Church will be celebrating the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of its esteemed leader The Rev. Dr. R.E. Hedgeman on Friday May 19 at the Mediterranean Party Center with a banquet and dinner beginning at 6p.m. Guest speaker will be Dr. Ozzie Smith Jr., Senior Pastor of Covenant United Church of Christ, and South Holland, Illinois. On Sunday May 21, the celebration will continue with two worship services at Bethany Christian Church located at 3940 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. in Cleveland, the first service will feature guest speaker Rev. Carmen Cox Harwell, pastor of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church of Beachwood at 7:30a.m, and the second service will begin

By golly, the Browns got it right

All of the stars aligned for the Cleveland Browns and their brain trust at the NFL Draft last week held in Philadelphia as the home town team capped the best overall prospect Myles Garrett and then addressed their most pressing need on defense. While many had hoped the Browns grab hometown favorite, the marvel from Mentor Mitch Tribusky, they got a reprieve when the Bears traded up to the second spot to take the North Carolina signal caller. That gave the Browns front office a sigh of relief from their rabid fan base that would have preferred Tribusky at all cost, even if it meant taking him at No. 1, but to their credit the Browns held firm on Garrett. As the Clemson quarterback DeShaun Wat

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