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Don King powerfully advocates for women equal rights

Famed boxing promoter and Call & Post Publisher Don King sent a powerful message on his recently promoted boxing match on Showtime advocating for women rights to a universal audience of 22 million viewers.

The Women Network was represented on the floor mat and corner post during a nationally televised fight from Las Vegas.

King essentially sponsored the message for Women Network CEO, Michelle Patterson supporting the importance of equal rights, equal pay and equal choice for women.

One of the honors Patterson is most proud of is being named the first “Woman of the Year” by the World Boxing Council at their 52nd annual conference in Las Vegas at the MGM.

Patterson opened her remarks celebrating the World Boxing Council for their work they are doing for women in a time when it is so needed. She thanked her mentor Don King for introducing her to the world of boxing and creating the largest community of women globally.

The opportunity came during a time when women need the support, especially in the sports industry. A successful event promoter of the largest events for women, Patterson turned to her mentor Don King for advice on how to reach women all over the world with her message of empowerment and “We are better together.” “I am one of his (Don King) fighters, fighting for the rights of women! Don King has been leading this fight for decades and plays a significant role advising on outreach and humanitarian efforts,” she said.

Women Network has launched events all over the world creating the largest community of women globally. T

he internationally renowned California Women’s Conference is the premier event for women focused on personal growth & professional development. Featuring a multitude of extraordinary speakers, talented entertainers, panel discussions, networking, and a marketplace of hundreds of exhibitors, the conference is designed to benefit attendees from all walks of life.

It offers women a blueprint of success to take the next step in business, health and philanthropic endeavors.


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