Straight Talk

Here is what the Cleveland Browns players said after being blown out by the Jets 31-10 last week. The Browns host the 1-0 Titans this week.

Joe Thomas

On if it rattles up the whole offense when you see your quarterback goes down…

I don’t think it rattles you. It certainly puts us behind the 8-ball. Johnny did a great job coming in there. He has not had a single rep with the first offense, I don’t even know how long. Especially with the elbow injury he had. He didn’t even get scout team reps. He was coming in here pretty much blind to the whole game plan. So that really put us behind the 8-ball.

On whether the first drive is what they believe they can do the whole season…

I think so. I look at the things we did today, and we did a lot of good things. On offense we moved the ball, throwing the ball and running the ball. I just came around to inopportune turnovers. Not that they are ever opportune. But when you turn the ball over on the first drive on the one yard line, it’s not going to help. That was just the theme of the game going forward for the offense.

On what is the best way for the team to put this behind them…

It’s the same process you always go through. Every Monday you come in watch the tape and try and look at the mistakes and say we know how this happened and we aren’t going to let this happen again.

On what is the key to get the running game going…

Not getting behind. It’s when you get behind you stop running the ball. If you want to average four yards a carry and get 100 yards rushing with the running backs, you need to get a couple long runs. Then you feel good about yourself.

Joe Haden

On if he is shocked by the final score...

Yes. They came out and played a really good game. Hats off to them.

On if they lost the momentum after halftime...

They just executed at a high level. They caused a lot more turnovers than we did. We have to do a better job of getting the ball away and getting it back to our offense.

On the play of Johnny Manziel...

He just needs to show more ball security. He needs to know that people are coming for him at all times. He will be fine.

On if they are confident that they can bounce back after this loss...

We are very confident we can bounce back. They executed very well. I know I didn't play up to my potential. I'm going to go into the film room, study, and come back next week ready for the Titans.


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