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Pro Players Network breaks new ground

F. Glenn Harvey

F. Glenn Harvey had accomplished all he could during a 30 year banking and financial career, which included playing with the big boys on Wall Street, but he taps his latest venture in launching Pro Players Network (PPN) as his greatest achievement.

The Pro Players Network is the first strategic network in history that is co-owned by every living current and retired player from the NFL, NBA and WNBA.

The network features programing of the players lives off the field and off the court and is being distributed exclusively on the No. 2 word internet traffic site Facebook, again another first, delivering programing both long and short form, and subsequently that will be carried on various satellite and cable stations.

Harvey, who serves as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, attracted the likes of prominent NFL players such as former Pittsburgh Steelers star Lamarr Woodley and current Miami Dolphins star Ndamukong Suh as prominent investors.

While Woodley and Suh chose to put their money where their mouth is, others such as former NFL veteran Toi Cook and Ramses Barden, who played with the New York Giants also came aboard. Another former pro football player Gordon Banks, who is currently pastor of Overcomer Church of Auburn, Washington is also involved.

Former NBA stars such as Jamaal Wilkes and Ray Allen are also in support of the venture. PPN also has the support of dominant athletic brand Nike.

The PPN is owned by players, it allows for them to profit from their likeness and image off the field of play, because their names and likeness for the most part are being owned and controlled by the leagues they participate in.

PPN is co-founded by African American financier Harvey who inspired the players of the project by creating a trust in which will share in ownership and receive profits from the unique venture.

The pool of players each share in 50 percent of the shares from PPN and 50 percent of the profits as well.

Harvey, a Los Angeles native and UCLA graduate also serves on the board of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation in addition to being Chairman of the Board at PPN. Pro Players Network also has Emmy nominated producer Rashad Floyd as its Chief of Production and former Golden States Warriors and Atlanta Hawks Chief of Financing Dwayne Redmon as its Chief Financial Officer.

It is a project that was a long time in coming, but one that appears to be well worth the wait.

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