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Timothy Eppinger appointed Overseer over Ohio

Pastor Timothy Eppineger was appointed and installed as the overseer to the Office of Overseer of the Northern District of Ohio Kingdom Connection Fellowship International, last week.

Eppinger, the pastor of God’s Tabernacle of Faith and Family Life center located on Garden Blvd, has been there for 18 years.

On hand to help with the installation service was Bishop Eugene Ward, the chairman of the Bishops’ Council officiated the service. He was joined by Bishop Brandon Owens, Bishop Emmet Lee, Bishop Paramore, Bishop Clifton Jones (2nd Presiding Bishop), Bishop Jerome H. Ross (Presiding Prelate), Bishop Darrell Shears (Bishop of Episcopal Affairs) Bishop William W. Morris, Jr. (The Bishop of the state of Ohio) and Bishop J. Hezekiah Martin (Secretary General).

“The new appointment provides me the ability to carry out the “Vision of the House” as delegated to the State of Ohio Bishop Morris Jr., and the Overseer by the international Presiding Prelate Bishop Jerome Ross. In addition my duties entail the appointment of Jurisdictional leadership, cultivate new membership relationships and oversee the affairs of the diocesan area of responsibility,” said Eppinger.

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