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Deborah King Inducted into Hall of Fame

Mother Love, honorary chairperson and facilitator, for Power Luncheon 2016 and Deborah King who received the Life Time Achievement Award from Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. for her humanitarian work.

Concierge therapist in mental health and substance addictions Deborah King, and spokesperson for the National African American Drug Policy, will be inducted into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority's National Education Fund (NEF) Hall of Fame and received the Life Time Achievement Award July 31, in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Convention Center.

Deborah King expressed that she was "deeply honored and humbly appreciative to be recognized by the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho, Incorporated. SGRho was my first affiliation with a group of women that demonstrated attributes and qualities of dedication, determination, loyalty, and respect. Sisterhood is such a special bond. We are representatives of various backgrounds, walks of life, and aspirations. To embrace the woman I have become in spite of myself is phenomenal. To God be the glory."

King, daughter of legendary boxing promoter Don King, is expanding the family's legacy into the philanthropic arena through establishing health and wellness centers, drug policy reform, and social awareness initiatives that positively affect underserved communities, veterans, and professional athletes and celebrities--all in concert with the support of her father.

According to Ms. Carnetta W. Blakely, chairperson for the affair, believed that, "Deborah King's services as a Cleveland native and her model for being an outstanding role model to the youth of Cleveland and nationwide is very much in alignment with the vision that has transpired for over thirty years for the NEF."

Deborah's story is a true American story--one where she fell from grace and has worked diligently to repair, restore, and rebuild her fallen shelter. Since her rise, she now carries her families iconic brand name and is shifting and assembling the King legacy to complement the 21st century. As she comes from a family of patriots and loyalist Deborah works tirelessly on building a brand around helping to save the lives of men and women in various challenges be it systemic or due to individual isolated factors.

As a national recovery coach, King's work in the community has earned acknowledgments from New York State Senator Leroy Comrie of the 14th Senate District, and has recently been called upon to consult with other states and organizations through her company Limitless Life Recovery.

Motivational speaker and humorist Mother Love served as the honorary chairperson and moderator for the luncheon. Cleveland native Cornell Stokes was the stand in recipient for honoree and former Cleveland Mayor Mr. Carl Stokes for Power Luncheon 2016 induction festivities and other heavy hitters such as Kym Whitley.

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