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Imani Temple Ministries Anniversary

Pastor & First Lady invites you to celebrate with us

The esteemed Reverend Dr. Rodney S. Thomas and First Lady Marcia Thomas proudly invites all to join in the celebration of Imani Temple Ministries 15th annual Anniversary on Sunday Oct. 30 at 4p.m. Imani Temple Ministries is located at 2463 N. Taylor Road in Cleveland Heights.

Pastor Thomas established and founded Imani Temple Ministries in 2001 and has grew his congregation into one of the most prominent churches in Northeast Ohio.

The theme for the anniversary celebration is “Fifteen Promises of Christian Living in Biblical Faith”, Matthew 5:1-9 and special guest speaker for the occasion will be Pastor John W. Ribbins of Calvary Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

There will also be special musical tributes presented by the spectacular Imani Temple Ministries Choir, led by Minister of Music Tina Farmer, during the anniversary occasion.

Pastor Thomas told his congregation last week that there are three really important events taking place this week in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are receiving their championship rings, the Cleveland Indians are playing in the World Series and Imani Temple Ministries is celebrating its 15 Anniversary.

Thus, only the celebration of Imani Temple Ministries can get you a relationship with Christ and enable you to live your life as a champion for Christ forever. The seasons for the Cavs and Indians will soon be over, but your relationship with Christ is forever and the rewards are much more meaningful than any championship won by any team.

As part of the anniversary, individuals are encouraged to honor Imani Temple Ministries 55 Charter Members in making a contribution of $55 toward the church Debt Reduction Fund and also encourage five friends to do the same.

Following the 4p.m. celebration, a formal reception will be held at the church. The Pastor and First Lady want to inspire you and your family and would welcome you with open arms to this monumental occasion.

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