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Help Save America-Help Save The World


The spirit of America has prevailed

The voice of ‘We the People,’ the American People has spoken and “WE” decided that Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America.

President-elect Donald J. Trump and the will of ‘We the People’ provided a surprising, shocking and stunning victory with A November to Remember presidential election. However, this does not mean that the war is over…the war has just begun.

The powerful evil, corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist system declared war on President-elect Donald J. Trump. Then the powerful, evil corrupt system called in all its allies and is launching an all out campaign to destroy Donald J. Trump: Some claim that it is all a charade and that Trump is playing a role in order to elect Hillary. American politics are so corrupt that anything is possible. However, the ruling elites and their puppets seem to be genuinely concerned about Trump’s challenge to their control and they have united against Trump. They have used their money to buy up ‘progressive’ websites paid to bring the print and anti-Trump propaganda onto the internet, thus joining the internet presstitutes with the print, TV and NPR whores who are working overtime to demonize Trump and elect Hillary. The entire power structure of our country is behind Hillary. Both Democratic and Republican political establishments and both ideologies, neoliberals and neoconservatives, are united behind Hillary. Paul Craig Roberts

Yet, President-elect Donald J. Trump, with the most powerful evil, corrupt, rigged American system against him…with the entire establishment against him…with the whole White House, the President and First Lady against him…Donald J. Trump won A November to Remember presidential election by a landslide victory.

Can you imagine how devastatingly embarrassing that must be to the enemy…the system…the losers? The evil corrupt, rigged system is angry and the hatred against our new President-elect, Donald J. Trump, has intensified beyond belief…

God has touched Donald J. Trump and he has blessed the will of ‘We the People,’ with the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.

A Reversal of Fortune

The evil, crooked, corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist system has challenged Trump’s victory and is putting together a blistering campaign aimed to unseat President-elect Trump before his inauguration on January 20, 2017. The evil, crooked, corrupt, rigged system intends to stop Trump by using any devious, diabolical and sinister means necessary.

The system is the enemy. The ghastly formidable enemy; the evil, crooked, corrupt, rigged system is the true enemy of America…a system that we must conquer if we are ever to be free.

The corrupt, rigged system is manipulating the people by using Jill Stein to start the recount scam while it (the system) makes plans to bring out thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators and anti-Trump agitators into the streets and by using the failed Democratic presidential campaign’s establishment to invent all types of slogans – name calling and villainy – to arouse the masses against President-elect Donald J. Trump.

In fact, they were so thoroughly convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to win and that Donald J. Trump was going to lose, that they never considered the painful situation which they are horribly suffering through as the losers.

The system, the media, Hillary Clinton, the establishment and the White House doesn’t know how or why they lost. But we do! The Lord is my Sheppard. The will of ‘We the People’ and the leader and voice of the movement, Donald J. Trump won the election because of God… ‘We the People,’ the American People want CHANGE!!!

Let’s revisit the article of September 21, 2016 leading up to A November to Remember:

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

The system is the enemy, not Donald J. Trump.

Women of America… The system is the enemy, not Donald J. Trump.

Negroes, People of Color of America… The system is the enemy, not Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump At this time and at this election is the best leader for America and the American people…


Because he is fearless… and he knows the corrupt system… and is brave, courageous and bold enough to take on the corrupt system and fight for its elimination… for the good of the American People!!!

The people are outraged, they are disgusted and the feel betrayed by their elected representatives and they feel that the system is corrupt and rigged and that their elected representatives are being influenced by the Lobbyists Super PACs, Special Interest Groups, Pharmaceutical interests, Wall Street financial groups; and that in so doing, their influence controls the systems’ form of government which We the People, the American People resent and vehemently object to and refuse to be governed by.

“INFLUENCE IS NOT GOVERNMENT” -President George Washington-

On Government Corruption and Influence:

“Experience should teach us wisdom. Most of the difficulties our Government now encounters and most of the dangers which impend over our Union have sprung from an abandonment of the legitimate objects of Government by our national legislation, and the adoption of such principles as are embodied in this act. Many of our rich men have not been content with equal protection and equal benefits, but have besought us to make them richer by act of Congress. By attempting to gratify their desires we have in the results of our legislation arrayed section against section, interest against interest, and man against man, in a fearful commotion which threatens to shake the foundations of our Union. It is time to pause in our career to review our principles, and if possible revive that devoted patriotism and spirit of compromise which distinguished the sages of the Revolution and the fathers of our Union. If we can not at once, in justice to interests vested under improvident legislation, make our Government what it ought to be, we can at least take a stand against all new grants of monopolies and exclusive privileges, against any prostitution of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many, and in favor of compromise and gradual reform in our code of laws and system of political economy...” President Andrew Jackson Bank Veto Message, July 10, 1832.

We the people, vote for the elected politicians, but the elected politicians do not vote for the protection of We the people.

We all agree that the system is corrupt and rigged…yet, Donald J. Trump is the only presidential candidate who is fighting against the corrupt, rigged system on the American people’s behalf…totally anti-establishment!!!

Donald J. Trump is the only presidential candidate that offers a cure for our corrupt rigged, evil system: "We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “I want to make America great again.”

The system is the enemy of America. A system which considers the white woman inferior and owned property; the same system that considers Black life worthless, valueless and that Black lives don’t count!!! A system that considers Black people inferior and owned property, a system that makes wrong right and right wrong, by law. Black Codes of Law which are daily practice in behavior and attitudes, believed and accepted institutionally, customs and tradition, enforced by the police and supported and upheld by the courts and the judges.

America has been diagnosed with “systematic hypocrisy.” A chronic, contagiously addictive disease, predicated upon lies, falsehoods, prejudice, untruths, bigotry, divisiveness, false inferiority, discriminations and unkept promises.

The people are angry…they are rejecting the hypocrisy - hypocrisy is the fundamental essence of the corrupt, rigged system. Hypocrisy is the system. Hypocrisy perpetuates the system’s principles – lies, untruths, distorted truths, superiority, inferiority, bigotry, discrimination – gender barrier (the white woman), color barrier (the Negro – people of color), religious bigotry, economic exploitation, along with superstition, myths, shams and unjust laws which make wrong right and right wrong; upheld by the legal system, institution wise, the courts and enforced by the legal system’s law. Such laws, for the critical, crucial reasons dictated above, my fellow Americans, are the reasons which give great credence and indescribable importance to Donald J. Trump’s honest commitment to the American people.

"We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “I want to make America great again.” Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump

Remember Iowa: Donald J. Trump spoke during a campaign event aboard the USS Iowa Battleship in Los Angeles: “The 'silent majority' believe me is back, and I think we can use it somewhat differently. I don't think we have to call it a silent majority anymore, because they're not silent. People are not silent. They're disgusted with our incompetent politicians. They're disgusted with the people who are giving our country away. They're disgusted when they tell the border patrol agents, who are good people and can do the job — they're disgusted when they allow the people to just walk right in front of them, and they're standing there helpless, and people just pour into the country. They're disgusted when a woman who's nine months pregnant walks across the border, has a baby, and you have to take care of that baby for the next 85 years. They're disgusted by what's happening to our country. And you're going to look around. You're going to remember who the people are that are here, because we're doing something special. This is a movement. We're going to make our country great again — believe me. We will make our country great again." AP Reported, Kevork Djansezian

It is sort of prophetic…the name Iowa, it signaled the coming of the first Black president, President Barack Obama. Now on the deck of the USS Iowa, the name Iowa, again is signaling the coming of the first “Outsider – non-politician” president, President Donald J. Trump who promised, "We are going to create a whole new system… and we will take this system apart."

Trump promised to ‘create a whole new system’ and to ‘take the system apart.’ He said under a President Trump, veterans would be allowed to go to private hospitals and see private doctors and be reimbursed. He said it would be the ‘greatest service.’” AP Reported, Kevork Djansezian

The will of the people in choosing Donald J. Trump to lead the movement, has defied all odds. The Constitution of the United States of America was written in such a way as to ensure that the popular vote could never be the final say if those in power didn’t like the results. Yet, Donald J. Trump defies all logic – anti-establishment, calling out the system as corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist. Stomping for change, campaigning and fighting against the current system on the people’s behalf in order to eliminate this evil, corrupt, rigged, racist system and bring the government back into the hands of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, governed by consent of the governed.

Any leader who truly believes in liberty, freedom, justice and equality for all the American people (INCLUSIVELY) undoubtedly must be courageous and bold.

"We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." The system…the corrupt rigged, racist system form of oppressive, hierarchical, oligarchic form of government owned and controlled by big business interests, definitely don’t want Donald J. Trump as our president. The politicians, the parties don’t want Donald J. Trump as our president because they can’t control him. Women and Black people that is the reason why we must put aside all our differences unite and vote, in solidarity, for our country and our rights under Donald J. Trump’s leadership. For over three hundred fifty years they have promised us everything, gave us nothing…then they apologize for the unkept promises.

“What the people want is very simple; they want an America as good as its promise.” -Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

In the words of President Lyndon B. Johnson, “…put your country ahead of your party, and to always debate principles; never debate personalities.”

“The Unity of freedom has never relied on the uniformity of opinion.” President John F. Kennedy

However, keep in mind, leaders who recognize the system’s hypocrisy…leaders who analyze the system as racist…leaders who diagnose the system as corrupt, rigged and sexist…leaders that love America and want to eliminate the corrupt rigged racist system…History has illustrated and demonstrated that such leaders who truly fight against the evil, corrupt, rigged, racist system, for its elimination in our battle for liberty and freedom for all American people. The system reciprocates; fights back, against such leaders with hypocrisy, propaganda, lies, false promises, bigotry, prejudice, divisiveness, discrimination and castigations as well as taking the lives of such leaders…the supreme sacrifice: Abraham Lincoln in a theater, John F. Kennedy, in a limousine in Dallas, TX, Martin Luther King, Jr., on a balcony in Memphis, TN, Malcolm X in a ballroom in New York, Robert Kennedy, in a hotel kitchen in Los Angeles and James Meredith in his home driveway.

The Two Left Outs: White women and Negroes – People of Color, must put country first and vote together to eliminate the evil, corrupt, rigged racist system. Join Donald J. Trump in the movement to Make America Great Again. There is a consensus of public opinion that our system is corrupt and that We The People, want change…but for there to be change, We The People, must stop having faith in the unkept promises – stop having faith in any and all aspects of the corrupt, rigged, racist system. Anyone that promises you that they are going to do the best that they can – to break down this barrier (the color), to break down that barrier the gender (the woman), to knockout economic exploitation, to bring about change, fair wages and equality within our corrupt racist system is mere folly. Any change brought about within the corrupt, racist system, the corrupt racist system will remain in control with the manipulations of deceitful language and devious actions. What you get will not be change, it will be racist transformations…it will be relief by degrees.

Then comes the apology – I’m sorry – so sorry that what we wanted and fought for we didn’t get…but we will keep on fighting for it. We can’t quit and we won’t give up and we won’t give in. I did the best I could, I’m sorry!!! Business as usual – LIE-PROMISE-APOLOGIZE!!!! Four hundred years of it. LIE-PROMISE-APOLOGIZE!!! LIE-PROMISE-APOLOGIZE!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” President John F. Kennedy