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UPM honors President Macon

Dr. Larry L. Macon address the media as he and the United Pastor in Mission body prays for President-Elect Donald Trump.(Photo by Bryant Kizer).

It was United Pastors in Mission President's Day at Mt. Zion Oakwood Village.

UPM honored there president, Dr. Larry L. Macon and they also honored President-elect Donald Trump.

It was UPM first meeting since the election of President-elect Trump. Now that he is office, UPM released this statement for President-elect Trump.

"As members of the clergy of Greater Cleveland we are calling for "Prayer for the Healing of Our Nation and for our President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

We are also thankful that this Presidential election is finally behind us, and we as pastors and clergy from various denominations and from all walks of life feel the need to now call for prayer, unity and respect during this time of transition of the 45th President of these United States of America. We want to offer up our prayers for the coming Presideny of Mr. Trump and his administration, and for our city, nation and world. We are praying for social, political and spritual healing we hope will occur for both Greater Clevelanders and the nation at large."

Macon was joined by other leaders of the UPM such as Rev. Gerald Mirable, Pastor of Miracle Revival Center and Mission to Haiti; Rev. Tim Walker, Church Aliveand Gridiron Ministers Association; Rev. Mike LoPressti, Pastor of Word of Grace Church; Rev. C. J. Matthew, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church; Rev. Joe Abraham, Pastor of Scranton Road Bible Church; Rev. Larry Harris, Pastor Mt. Olive, President Mt. Pleasant Ministries and Rev. Rev. Larry Maiden, Pastor of Providence Baptist Church also spoke and prayed.

UPM was also joined by other business and seminars. Cleveland Clinic was on hand to talk to pastors and leaders about the prevention of Cancer. Lead their speaker Kim Sanders she talked about SCITT which is an acronymn for Stopping Cancer at It Tracks. She told the group of pastors to speak to their congregation on getting tested because the best way to beat cancer is to get tested early. Michael LoPresti, CEO Investor Relations, is an expert on church building and finances. Neal W. Way have written many books about cancer. Dr. Carl Ruby, he is the Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church located in Springfield, Ohio, he talked about the cons of the payday loans. He said, "Do you know that they are many payday loans stores than McDonalds."

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