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Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine

Donald Trump, an outsider – non politician becoming president of the United States of America is simply phenomenal. From the streets to the Oval Office…president without ever being elected to any public office, is a spiritual tribute to our form of democracy.

However, unfortunately, while these blessings of liberty’s profound phenomenal tributes of self-governing democracy are taking place and should be exalted to the highest heavens, they are being met with sarcasm, contempt, disdain and dismay.

Why? Because the evil, corrupt and rigged system hates President Donald J. Trump. It has declared war on him and it holds his every utterance, action and deed on behalf of ‘We the People,’ as treason. The corrupt system is threatened by President Donald J. Trump’s promise and commitment to the American people: “We will create a whole new system and we will take this system apart.” “I want to make America great again!” “America First!” President Trump is calling out and exposing the evil corrupt system’s violation of the founding principles of our self-governing democracy.

“The principle of self-government cannot be violated with impunity. The individual's right to it is sacred - regardless of class, caste, race, color, sex or any other accident or incident of birth...” Susan B. Anthony

Heroes live and heroes die, but legends live forever.

The legendary Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. With God’s blessings and the will of ‘We the People,’ he will serve for four years, then he will be re-elected for the next four years.

Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump is a blessing to America and a blessing to the American people. America First! The security and protection of the American people first.

President Trump is spiritually touched and has launched a cleansing program of our democracy that is unheralded, by recapturing the glory of yesteryear, resurrecting the fundamental principles of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace and by establishing the moral principles of honesty, integrity, compassion and mercy. These principles of self-government and our God-given inalienable rights are the divine principles upon which our democracy was founded.

President Trump is rattling the sabers of truth, respect, equality, liberty, justice, freedom and peace, the American way…BUT America First!!! Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad, reversing our practice of charity abroad and denial at home for the honest and truthful benefit of ‘We the People.’

President Trump is leading a revolutionary movement for change in our corrupt form of government, utilizing every facet of our democracy’s honest form of government, checks and balances, separation of powers, First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment and Fifteenth Amendment; bringing them all together, the Congress, the Judiciary, Executive, Senate and the House to the forefront to be examined, vetted, debated, discussed and analyzed for the benefit of ‘We the People,’ the American people.

I wished America a Happy Birthday on its 200th anniversary in 1976, forty-one years ago. (See Page 1-B) And now I am repeating it…HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! Happy Birthday to the new government of President Donald J. Trump’s Administration; a new nation under God conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created equal. A land of free people, living by the principles of liberty will make every day a Happy Birthday. So Happy Birthday America!!!

President Donald J. Trump personifies that Happy Birthday wish on July 4, 2017 with his patriotic dedication and commitment to the people and by taking away the powers from Washington D.C. and returning that power back into the hands of ‘We the People,’ in order to fulfill his commitment and promise to Make America Great Again!

“This moment is your moment: it belongs to you.” President Trump Inaugural Address

But it is not without consequences, my fellow Americans. The powerful, corrupt and rigged system’s hate and disdain against President Trump is incredible. The corrupt system means to destroy President Trump and his Administration and undermine the will of ‘We the People.’ ‘We the People,’ are bearing witness to the deceitful process of lies, falsehoods, distorted truths and evil manipulations of language that we are experiencing every day by the colorful bias media propaganda against the President and his family.

President Trump is bringing the system’s methodology to light, the powerful and corrupt methodology of a despotism form of government practiced over ‘We the People,’ under the guise of democracy. “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood” President James Madison

President Trump is exposing and illustrating that factor of the corrupt system to us without compunction or remorse. President Trump joins the spirit of America by his calling out and exposing the corrupt system, by educating, by agitating and enlightening ‘We the People,’ with the knowledge of how the corrupt, rigged system is violating our liberties and how it has violated our liberties….Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” President James Madison.

President Trump is teaching and informing us, ‘We the People,’ of that precious knowledge; President Madison goes on to say: “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” Now, that is just what President Trump is doing my fellow Americans! He is arming us, ’We the People,’ with that necessary knowledge in order for us to protect our liberty.

My fellow Americans, President Trump in calling out the corrupt, rigged system and threatening its removal and replacement is a divine blessing for the American people, giving them the benefit of real truth about our self-government and our democracy.

Truly America, President Trump’s lightening rod personality and his controversial sayings and actions which brings about a frenzy of allegations, accusations and honest no holds barred investigations, with a no exemption, no exceptions clause, letting the chips fall where they may and letting the facts and evidence speak for themselves; deriving the truth without any outside or inappropriate influence, resulting in establishing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, is greatly beneficial to ‘We the People,’ the American people. This superb vetting process regarding President Trump is resurrecting the spirit of America and revitalizing the essence of our democracy: Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace; governed by the consent of the governed. President Trump, in calling out the press, calling out the judiciary, challenging the legal systems, the separation of powers in order to find out what the power of an executive order really is…and what it really means.

The system has declared war on Donald J. Trump…now President Trump; its war declarations are meant to destroy and stop President Trump’s presidency; unaccepted election result, discredit him as unfit to be president, treason, traitor, voter tampering, collusion, Russian interference with the election, impeachment, character assassination, maim him or kill him, undermine his administration, attack his family, eradicate the Trump Movement, obstruction of justice, racist disrespect for women, disrespect for people of color, etc., etc., etc. In other words, any vile allegation or accusation that you can accuse him of, he is perceived guilty of, until proven innocent. This is exactly the opposite of our justice system whereby you are perceived to be innocent until proven guilty; Except in the case of President Trump who is perceived and considered guilty until proven innocent.

‘We the People,’ the American people must recognize, realize, appreciate and respect that the corrupt system of white supremacy and control was created for people like Donald J. Trump; white, male, blue eyed, blonde and rich. However, his love for America and the American people compelled him to put country first, to put himself and his beloved family in harm’s way, by fighting against the extremely powerful crooked, evil, corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist system of control for the benefit of ‘We the People’s,’ liberty, then to restore our true democracy by taking away the power from Washington D.C. and returning the power back into the hands of ‘We the People,’ governed by the consent of the governed.

“Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

Together, We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Wealthy Again.

We Will Make America Proud Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And, Yes, Together, We Will Make America Great Again.” President Trump, Inaugural Address

Psalm 35

Contend, O’ Lord, with those who contend with me;

fight against those who fight against me.

Take hold of buckler and shield, and rise up for my help.

Draw also the spear and battle axe to meet

those who pursue me;

Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.”

Let those be ashamed and dishonest

who seek my life;

Let those be turned back and humiliated who devise evil against me.

Let them be like chaff before the wind, with the Angel of the Lord driving them on.

Let their way be dark and slippery, with the Angel of the Lord pursuing them.

For without cause they hid their net for me;

Without cause they dug a pit for my soul. Let destruction come upon him, unawares; and let the net which he hid himself; into that very destruction let him fall and my soul shall rejoice in the Lord.

It shall exult in his salvation. All my bones will say, “Lord, who is like thee, who delivers the afflicted from him who is too strong for him, and the afflicted and the needy from him who robs him?”




May the blessings of St. Francis be upon our president:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

Almighty God, we Americans humbly pray to you to bless us with a peaceful transition of government and that nobody gets hurt in the process. Heavenly Father, please bless us with the guidance, the direction and the ways and means in which we, as Americans, can unite and become ONE AMERICA…touching the heart of President Donald J. Trump and enabling him to fulfill his promise and commitment to be President to ALL THE PEOPLE, while Making America Great Again. I ask and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior….Amen! Don King

God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Donald J. Trump

God Bless our Military, men and women the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

God Bless the Fallen but not Forgotten Heroes

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

Only in America

Don King

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