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Democrats & Republicans agree on Issue

Democrats and Republicans on Monday finally agreed on an issue that everyday Ohio citizens have known for some time: Prescription costs and the greedy drug industry are out of control and action is needed.

Following Sunday night’s brutal “60 Minutes” program about how the drug industry killed the efforts of the Drug Enforcement Agency to stop the opioid epidemic, President Donald Trump railed on the drug industry during a Cabinet meeting. As reported by MSNBC, President Trump said, “Drug companies are out of control. The drug prices have gone through the roof, and drug companies are getting away with murder.”

“Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, or Independent, everyone can agree: the drug industry must be stopped. They grossly overcharge the sick and suffering, causing families to choose between food or prescriptions. They actively pushed millions of opiates to the American public, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in overdoses,” said Dennis Willard, the Yes on Issue 2 campaign spokesperson.

“Citizens are mad as hell and are ready to do something. That’s what Issue 2 is all about. Ohioans must stand up to these drug company bullies and vote Yes on Issue 2,” Willard said.

Democrats are also calling for action. Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed Issue 2 and has called for action against the big drug companies and the outrageous price-gouging on prescription medications.

Also on Monday, Sen. Joe Manchin called for President Trump to withdraw his nomination of U.S. Rep. Tom Marino for Drug Czar. Marino was featured in the 60 Minutes special for passing a bill weakening the DEA's ability to fight the opioid epidemic, and then going to work for one of the leading drug distributors.

The Yes on Issue 2 campaign is a broad-based, bi-partisan coalition endorsed various African American organizations including the Cleveland NAACP-Call in Post newspaper Baptist Ministers Alliance, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution President Nina Turner, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, National Nurses United, veterans organizations and dozens of other local leaders and activist groups. Yes on Issue 2 will save taxpayers millions of dollars annually, lower drug prices for millions of Ohioans and reduce healthcare costs for everyone and teach greedy drug companies and their CEOs a lesson.

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