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An Innocent 12-year old slain on Buckeye Road

12-year old Abdel Bashiti

Two Black teenagers have been arrested in the fatal shooting of an innocent 12-year old Abdel Bashiti who was working his father at the family beauty supply store located between 116th St. and 117th St. on Buckeye Rd. on Friday Nov. 24.

The senseless murder unfolded on Black Friday as at least two teens ages 15 fired at least 20 shots into a crowd, wounding five and leaving one in critical condition after he was hit in the side of the head.

United States Marshalls arrested its latest suspect on Tuesday Nov. 28 at approximately 9a.m. at his mother's home on Glendale Avenue.

Another 15-year charged in the case was arrested on Monday at John F. Kennedy High School.

Both have been formally charged with 25 felony charges, including aggravated murder, murder, attempted murder, felonious assault and firing a gun across a roadway at Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley said his office will seek to have both teens be charged as adults in common pleas court. A Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court judge will ultimately make that decision after a hearing that has not yet been scheduled.

Their intended targets were standing in front of the One Stop Liquor store next to door to #1 Beauty Supply & Linen, according to police.

The beauty supply stores hires a diverse staff, but many of them are African American. All were shaken by the tragic events and declined to be interviewed for this story.

One Stop Liquor is a frequent hangout for loitering on Buckeye Ave., but on Tuesday two days after young Bashiti had be laid to rest the location was void of any foot traffic or other activity.

The beloved young victim was one of two children to his parents and left behind a 7-year old sister according to sources.

He was by all accounts a model young boy who was stuck by the shooting spree when he followed his father to the door who was bagging on the window. Once hit he was brought back into the store by his father where he later succumbed.

One person who did speak to the Call & Post was 24 year-old Jamal Piayyan who sell cell phone supplies at the liquor store.

“It was the wrong place, wrong time on Black Friday and he was helping his father out and some people were banging on the window and his father went outside to tell them to stop banging on the window, a few seconds later when Abdel was already outside, the shooting happened,” explained Piayyan. “It happened so fast and he took his son and ran inside the store.”

Paiyyan, who was planning a candle light vigil for his friend, said the scene was complete chaos with people running for their lives in the liquor store and hiding laying on the floor.

All of the shooting took place outside of the store.

He called Abdel his best friend and says that he knew him for more than four years.

“He was a good kid, smart and innocent kid. Wrong place and wrong time.”

The young boy was a 7th-grade student at Parma's Hillside Middle School was from Palestine.

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