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A wise person once told me that gratitude was a tool to be used on even the rainiest of days. I’m reminded of that bromide this very Thanksgiving, because while it’s not pouring in my world, it is drizzling a bit.

My three adults kids live away; sister and brother don’t speak.

My wife just woke me with a request that I be “neater around the house”.

It’s cold outside. Gray. Business has tightened.

My younger brother died last March.

First holidays without him. Did I say he was younger? And I’d love to go east to see grandkids, but I hate travel.

I’m tired and await cataract surgery.

Still, there really is so much to be grateful for….Especially today.. I can never forget that:

My three adult kids are relatively healthy.

God, I’m certain, will guide them through their issues.

And my wife? I GET to wake up with her. Still. ‘Tis a blessing.

The business? Perhaps it has slowed. But I have one…and there was a time the phone didn’t ring.

And Hal? Alas, he is gone. Dead at a young 67. But did he not surprise his doctors by sharing seven quality years he wasn’t expected to have?

Did he not get to see a daughter marry and a grandson grow?

And the cataracts? Even pre-surgery my blessings are clear! Indeed, the last time I looked I had ten fingers, ten toes, Seinfeld on DVD, family and friends to share with, and a loving God to protect me. In fact, the very last time I looked, I had nothing to complain about at all.

Time for turkey!

Bruce Bogart is an Attorney at Law and the co-host of popular podcast The Fabulous Boomer Boys

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