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Don King Thanks Costco

Costco's administrator Kim Scrrara and the world famous Don King

[The following is a letter from Call & Post Publisher and sponsor of the 50-year plus tradition Turkey Tour giveaway that will unfold in six cities and conclude on Dec. 17 in Cleveland.]

Thank You Costco

I would like to express gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the great company of Costco located at 17800 Congress in Boca Raton, Florida, whose fantastic staff of wonderful people give true meaning to the holiday season in the spirit of Xmas.

Led by the fantastic administrator Kim Scrrara of Costco, along with Costco’s top meat coordinator Chris Chin Young, whose dedicated, untiring efforts of leadership in putting Costco’s distribution of turkeys tour together again, which is making success of the Turkey Tour possible in order to give thousands of turkeys to the needy for Xmas.

Merry Xmas in the spirit of giving out Butter Ball Turkeys to the needy for the holidays.

Again, Thank You Costco!!! Merry Xmas

Don King

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