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Unity is Best for Maple Heights

With an objective perspective of the political landscape in the state of Ohio, special note and honorable mention is given to the great City of Maple Heights, Ohio. Surrounded by other great municipalities also worthy of mention, special focus is given to this particular City not only for it's proud citizenry, but also for the extraordinary potential of the political forces at work in the City Hall of Maple Heights.

The Citizens of Maple Heights made good decisions at the polls when they selected the honorable Mayor Annette Blackwell joined with the proud and diligent members of the Maple Heights City Council.

History is already logging the accomplishments of this unique union and political prowess of Mayor and City Council. Together, they have the potential to further the accomplishments of Maple Heights, as a leading municipality with a long standing reputation of attainments for the betterment of its citizens.

The residents of Maple Heights expected the best at the polls and has been given a powerful force making a difference in the state of Ohio. I salute the Mayor and the City Council for the work they have already accomplished as well as the work soon to surface.

The great expectations placed on this powerful union of Mayor and Council, has aroused the attention of people throughout the state of Ohio.

I believe in their sight, insight and foresight joined with the ability to achieve higher heights for Maple Heights.

I believe that the extraordinary abilities and political experience of Mayor and Council has already raised the level of expectation within the City of Maple Heights.


I now join the citizens of Maple Heights taking notes cataloguing the present and future performance of the political powers at work in the great City of Maple Heights, Ohio among great leaders, I believe them to be among the best to be joined together with power and purpose. It has been said that the power of possibility becomes more than a reality when people work together for the common good. I therefore salute this Visionary Mayor Annette Blackwell and the City Council of the great City of Maple Heights, Ohio.


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