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11th Congressional District Labor of Love, Parade

Since 1971, the community has witnessed the 11th Congressional District Labor Day Parade making its way down Kinsman road. Monday September 2, 2019 was no different. As rain fell steadily from the sky above, a mounting crowd gathered along Kinsman road to witness the 47TH Annual 11TH Congressional District Labor Day Parade. The parade started at 10:30am at 147th and Kinsman with a concluding celebration at Luke Easter Park. The rain didn’t stop the crowds from gathering nor the participants from lining up to position themselves in an array of street festivities to include marching bands, Drill teams, dancing and much much more. It was a regalia to be remembered. The determination and resilience of the Grand Marshall, Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge and the tenacious organizational skills of the event organizer Ariane Kirkpatrick provided a much needed change of scenery and celebration to the Kinsman area and surrounding community. ‘Togetherness’ would be one of the highlights of the day.

It was a proud moment that served to confirm the idea of ‘we the people’ as ‘We the people’ inclusive of all the citizens of this great City represented by the residents of Kinsman and the surrounding area came together. I was an eyewitness to the gathering of people who set aside differences and disagreements to gather in one place for one purpose. On this day, there was no appearance of social, economic and political inequality. On this day, we marched in celebration and not in protest. On this day, we celebrated one another as we rendered attendance to the celebration of Labor Day.

It was indeed a ‘we the people’ moment I will not forget. In attendance to further highlight the day, was Mayor Frank Jackson; Shontel Brown, Chair of the Cuyahoga Democratic Party; Judge Wanda C. Jones; Judge Francine Goldberg; Judge Debra Turner; Judge Michael Ryan; Mayor Annette Blackwell (Maple Heights); Mayor Ben Holbert (Woodmere Village) Mayor Brad Sellers (Warrensville Hts.); Earl Turner Clerk of Courts; Councilman Joe Jones and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Michael O’Malley; representatives from NASA Glen research and Cleveland Chief of Police, Calvin Williams accompanied by his staff that included Deputy Chief of Police Deon McCauley along with a full array of Cleveland Police Officers aiding and assisting, serving and protecting in keeping with the work they accomplish on a daily basis. This day brought together a full assembling of political, Judicial and Policing powers along with the power and presence of everyday people who came together on one accord. It is incumbent upon us to reflect on the purpose and the power these events have on the community. We look forward to this event as well as other gatherings that bind the common interest and yield to the idea of ‘We the People.’ I would like to personally thank our Grand Marshall, the event organizers, the participants and attendees as well as a community of good people who gathered on a good day and shared a good time together.

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