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God's Tabernacle of Faith host Roye Kidd Scholarship event

The Roye Kidd Scholarship Foundation will host the2nd annual Roye Kidd Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show at God's Tabernacle of Faith on Saturday, March 18th.

The event is a fundraiser for John F. Kennedy High School in need of additional funds for college.

Roye Kidd, a former teacher and football coach at Kennedy for over 39 years,

believed that a good education was the start to having a good life. Therefore,

he often times took money out of his own pocket to help to pay for his students

to attend college. He wanted to see these students achieve their goals and reach

their dreams and he didn't want money, or the lack thereof, to stand in their

way. He stressed the importance of giving back to the community that you are

from and he also stressed becoming part of the solution...and not being part of

the problem.

Last year, the Roye Kidd Scholarship Foundation awarded $1,000.00

scholarships to two very deserving students at JFK. This year they are looking

to surpass that goal. Last year's recipients of the Roye Kidd Scholarship were;

Ahmad Hill and Jacqueline Parson. Both students are doing well with their

studies and looking to make a name for themselves after graduation. Hill now

attends Cleveland State University and Parson is a student at Akron


The fundraiser will also feature some of the best musical talent in the city.

Due to perform will be The Motown Revue, Student Teacher Mimes (two

brothers miming for the Lord) and a bit more.

"We want to continue doing great works in the name of Coach Kidd", said Mary

Addison-Carter, a member of the Roye Kidd Scholarship Foundation. "Many kids

can't afford to go to college and Kidd gave money out of his own pocket to

assist them. We want to do the same thing. If not more."

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