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Nigerian Dudu Akpotor Honored

Dudu Akpoto

Native Nigerian businessman Dudu Akpotor learned the gift of giving from his late father while growing up in the city of Warri, an oil hub in South-South Nigeria as one of 26 children.

It has been his gift of generosity that has inspired the 57-year old Akpotor to support blind students at the Bethesda School for the Blind in Lagos for more than a year in addition to several other organizations that care for individuals who are disabled.

Akpotor’s philanthropy was well evident during the week of September 19th when he sponsored a trip for five students of the Bethesda School of the Blind to Los Angeles where they visited the Braille Institute, The Ray Charles Institute, Los Angeles City Hall and the City of Compton.

Additionally, Akpotor arranged for the students who aspire to become singers to meet and record with African rapper Akon, while also negotiating with noted Nigerian filmmaker Jeta Amata to cast the students in his upcoming film The American King.

Akpotor serves as Executive Producer of The American King and has known Amata since he was a rising filmmaking star in Nigeria nearly two decades ago.

Affectionately known by his first name of Dudu, the students referred to him as daddy Dudu during their many activities in Los Angeles.

“I just wanted to do something special for them and have them experience the United States in one of its great cities,” Akpotor stated.

During the visit to City Hall in Los Angeles, where the staff of Mayor Eric Garcetti received the group, Akpotor was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the mayor.

The following day in Compton, where Akpotor has pledged to establish a platform to support the disabled in that city and he was honored with a prestigious Resolution on behalf of Compton Mayor Aja Brown.

“Theses honors have exceeded my wildest dreams, and I am beyond grateful for the recognition. I am speechless, “ a humble Akpotor explained.

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